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    GENTILLY ROAD is a new online music project started by Dennis Cavalier and Vic Saladino in 2021. Both musicians were born and raised in New Orleans in the Gentilly section of town. In fact they started their musical journey on Old Gentilly Road on the east side of the city, practicing in the house you see above. Self taught musicians they played what they heard and what they heard were all the musical giants of this town. A groove you don’t learn in school, but on the streets of New Orleans.
     They parted ways and moved out of the city carrying the sounds of their youth to parts unknown and managed to make a living in the uncertain music scene.
      Now they’re back to their roots, reunited and producing the sound they grew up with. Give it a listen!

Gentilly Rd



Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 7.21.18 PM.png


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